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Motorcycle Section

The Motorcycle Co-ordinator is Martin Spicer.

For any information please contact him on: 

(09) 233-6382  /  (022) 102-5954

Our monthly Motorcycle Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 2.30pm - 4pm (refer calendar).

Welcome fellow motorcycle enthusiast 

We welcome owners of all makes, models and sizes of motorcycles! If you have a British, European, American or Japanese bike and would like to ride in the company of other enthusiasts then this is the club for you. 

We have a rolling 30 year rule, so this means that your motorcycle must be 30 years or older to be club eligible.

We endeavour to have a guest speaker at our monthly meeting, someone who has a background in motor vehicles of some sort. We have been privileged to have had a variety of bikes and cars brought to our monthly meetings, to be on display. 

These have ranged from an 1898 Roper Steam bike, a variety of British, American, Japanese and German machines. Racing motorcycles displayed have included Manx Nortons, Matchless G50, Velocette 350, BSL 500, Yamaha 350 and of course the Kiwi built Britten.

The most powerful machine we've been privileged to see was by Athol Williams. He brought his home made Drag Bike of 1500cc 4cyl super charged 1500 BHP - the 4th fastest bike in the world which clocked 6.1 sec, 250mph, standing 1/4 mile.

We have several runs each month that you can participate in. The Motorcycle run (held on a Sunday), the Mid Week Tourers (held on a Wednesday) and the Club Run open to all vehicles, again held on a Sunday.

If you have any problems with your motorbike, there will be someone in the club that can help you. By being a member, you are also able to insure your bike with Vero at a competitive price. 

Our library has a wide selection of books, manuals, DVD's and videos on motorcycles and their related sport.

If you don't have a club eligible bike (yet) don't worry you're still welcome to come along on a modern - there are a lot of members who own both. 

JOIN US today!

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