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Vintage Section

The Vintage representatives are Murray and Penny Firth. 

For any information please contact them on (09) 818 6434

The Vintage Section of our branch caters for all those who own or have an interest in vehicles manufactured between 1919 and 1931. 


This slice of history covers an era when the motorcar became more reliable and affordable and so accessible to a much wider range of the population. Many of the innovative ideas that became standard in later years were being refined during this period.


Our group keeps us in touch with one another sharing information, parts and tools and knowledge to keep our diverse range of vehicles running. 


Every year the branch runs the ‘Vintage Muster’, an event exclusively for this era of cars, trucks and motorbikes and it presents quite a sight to see all these grand old vehicles together, keeping history alive.


As a group we very much enjoy each other’s company on the 4th Saturday of every month in the clubrooms and would welcome you along to join us.

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